Honey – You can pair it with cheese!

New Zealand has a number of great products! We are a country that lives off and for the land. So it is no surprise that we have some of the best honey in the world.

I am loving at the moment J.FRIEND AND CO honey. This artisan honey has taken honey to the next level of enjoyment for me.

I have enjoyed the botanical collection before ( A collection of Manuka , Pohutukawa, Kamahi) that had turned my sense around as to what honey was.

So when I came across the cheese paring honey collection on a visit to Otago ( I was planning to have wine and cheese platter for dinner this last weekend) it seemed like fate that I had to add honey to this. (desert portion of course)

The collection comes with three 40gram pots of each honey type for you to enjoy. Each pot comes from a different location where the beekeeper has picked to ensure a quality product that highlights the difference in types of honey.

I find it great that you get to know a little bit about your beekeeper their website is full of information including tasting and food recipe for each different Honey.

Wild Thyme – is harvested from the Butchers Dam in Central Otago , it is a bright cream yellow in colour and to me has a very floral/botanical taste that lingers on my tongue.

Kamahi – is harvested from the coastal rainforest in Westport , not so bright yellow as the thyme or as thick this is my favourite honey it has a lovely malt taste.

Blue Borage – is harvested from Muzzle station in the Clarence Valley , is more a white colour and the sweetest with a nice vanilla taste to it.

We paired the honey with a platter of whitestone cheeses , local salami and ham with walnut crackers and associated relish.  I give this honey a 10/10 rating overall! sure not to disappoint or  at least give you a new perspective on Honey.


I have almost finished off each pot and can’t wait to try and taste some more . So image my surprise when I happened to see a stand of all the honey at my local Reward fresh shop!!!! Heaven.







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