Flower Scent – Aromatherapy

So what is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being.You inhale the fragrance that these essential oils produce to stimulate brain function.

So is it the old fashion way perfume was created? Every plant creates a scent some stimulate more parts of the brain or cause you to consider it pleasant or unpleasant.

Scent can help balance the body and mind!!! It is also a reminder of memories, places and people that brings us joy.

Certain blends of essential oils can produce beautiful fragrance for use (the start of the creation of perfume as we know it today) that also has benefit to your mood. Other blends the target is more on the physical effects than the fragrance.

Take the difference between our Pulse Point Aromatherapy and our Scents Aromatherapy Oils , both use essential oils . Pulse Point has been blended to enhance and stimulate brain function. Our Scents main purpose has been to enhance the scent and not focused on stimulating brain function. Both smell good.

Natural Essential Oils are best absorbed through the skin as aroma molecules to set off reactions in the nose. Other ways through massage or bath oils as you get both the scent and the skin absorption in a relaxing environment , or through aromatherapy burners/diffusers.

Lavender 01

Image: Lavender Plant

Some of the most common essential oils are:

Lavender: Used for restfulness, stress.

Bergamot: Used for concentration , confidence, calming anger.

Rose: Used for emotional balance.

Mint: Improve memory , raise alertness

Lemongrass: Used for muscle pain & emotional balance.

Rosewood: Commonly used to relive sadness and lift sprits.

Neroli: Used for anxiety, burn-out and joy.

Orange: Used for inflammation , pain and uplifting mood.

Vertier: Used for relation , anxiety , nerves re-balance.


Neroli 1

Image: Neroli Plant

So one blend targets brain stimulation , the other not so much. But as both use essential oils you are getting the benefit of a natural plant.

So feeling a little down and need of a boost , then get some aromatherapy.

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