Handmade Soap – Cold Process

Handmade soap lathers and cleanse just as well if not better than commercial soap but doesn’t have harsh ingredients.

Modern processing and commercial needs have lead to soaps that include ingredients that make the soap easier to make but not necessary better for our skins.

Cold Processed Soap – Refers to the fact that you don’t need to use an outside heat sources ,such as a stove during the mixing stage of soap making. Although heat is produced during the process this is due to “lye” mixed with water undergoes a exothermic creation that can produce temperatures up to 93 C.

With Soap making the oils that you use react with the lye to create a solid mass. Then leaving the soap to cure over a three to six week period ( curing is the process of the excess water being evaporate causing the bar to harden ready for use)

All Fern Botanicals Soaps use the cold process soap method , this enables good quality oils like cocounut and olive oil to be used to produce soap that can benefit and nourish the skin not just strip it of natural oils that can dry your skin out.


IMAGE – Walnut , Yellow Clay Soap

The amount of different oils you use can cause the bar to be harder than others and effects the level of lather that is produced. Most Cold Process Soap do not lather (i.e. produce bubbles and form) like a commercial soap does for a reason lather is just a filler product and does not effect the way a soap works on your skin.

As well as the different clay’s and essential oils used you can produce soaps that have different benefits

Fern’s Walnut & Yellow Clay Exfoliating Soap is a brilliant kitchen soap , the walnut shell helps remove food particulars and scrub onion oil off your hands while leaving them soft ¬†without drying your hands out.

While the Manuka Soap , is a better all over body soap due the natural of the Shea Butter content.

With cold processed soap you can modify to ensure you get a bar that’s best for the right time of year , skin type.

Once you have tried a handmade soap bar you notice the difference to your skin right off!


IMAGE: Pink Clay and Pohutukawa Extract Oil (New Zealand Native Plant)

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