Top Three for Sushi in Christchurch

In my humble opinion we are actual very lucky to have as many high quality Sushi places in Christchurch as we do. But for value for money , taste and variety you cannot bet these top three places:

Zen Sushi & Dumplings – The Taste Sensentation


301 Montreal Street , Christchurch ( Arts Centre) – Open Seven Days

Zen Sushi and Dumplings can be found in the Arts Centre next to the well known Chesse mongers Shop. Zen sells single piece sushi from a cabinet as well as prepared box sets. As a added bonus there are steamed or fried dumplings in chicken , beef and pork cooked to order.

(The steamed chicken dumplings are to die for if eaten quickly once out of the pan they are lite tasting with the coriander not overpowering)

The array of single piece sushi can be found only on a week day and is a joy not only to look at (see above photo) but as delicious as it looks , the rice is the best I have tasted.

While what might appear to be on the  expensive side at up to $2.00 a piece. The pieces are large and tasty filled with fresh ingredients – so value for money.

Overall everything eaten here , single sushi , boxed sushi and dumplings is of a high standard if looking for taste variety this is the shop.


Mugen – The Takeaway Choice

Sushi 1

136 Moorhouse Ave , Addington

Mugen Sushi can be located on Moorhouse Ave , tucked off the road with plenty of parking in front and open seven days.

The shop has plenty of seating inside and out and offers takeaway option – I find this the most convent for me as I can nip in and out with a great product.

The sushi is lined up in a long row , so you start at one end with you own set of little tongs to make your selection and the selection is large. (See above)

Sushi 2

I have a love of seafood and particular enjoy the crispy prawn and anyone who does fish roe well.

There is a selection of crab meat as well as chicken , beef and salmon all done well.

Mugen also offer hot meals cooked to order so if you dinning companion wants a curry or dunburi then they are in luck.


Kumo – The Sushi Train.

Sushi 3

Kumo – Facebook Page

Snap House, 351 Lincoln Road , Addington

Ahh the sushi train the closet thing I get to the feeling like I am hunting down my meal. There’s something about a train of sushi pieces going around and around while you hunt down is the piece you want to try next coming………………………….. and snatching it off the train before you dinner companion gets there dirty mitts on it before you.

Kumo also does cooked dinner options , you can also order any of the sushi pieces on the menu if you don’t see it on the train and delivery is prompt!!!

This is a sit down restaurant , now takeaway here. The service is excellent the fun of eating till you full ( and seeing the plates pile high beside you) as well as people watching with good food makes this a great , quick place to dine.


All three are good for different reasons!

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