E-Bikes – Good or Bad for Cycling?

I will be upfront I own a E-Bike and are thinking of buying another!

I use the E-Bike to commute to work its a 32min journey one-way , with the E-Bike I can arrive having enjoyed a morning ride without the full on sweat and without my damaged knee protesting the workout. I see this a win-win situation , but some of my colleagues & friends have said I am cheating and its not real cycling?

Am I not moving the pedals around and around like those on a normal bike, the difference being that I am getting assistance while I pedal. It is still getting my heart rate up. Yes I am sure that when I blow past you at speed it might feel like I have an advantage but I didn’t know I was in a daily commute race and you were the other competitor and you feel like I am cheating?

It puts a smile on my face and gives me a way to still enjoy cycling! So much so that I got the opportunity to try a E-Bike on the Queenstown off road Trail recently , and it was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I was able to go further than I normally would without the aches and pains at the end of it. Yes the assistance up some of the steep parts was a great advantage but were still punishing as it does not do all the work for you…………. PS you can control the level of assistance you get from 0 to 100%.


Mouhstache E-Bike hired in Queenstown at http://www.chargeabout.co.nz)

Having the dedicated mountain bike was a real treat , my current e-bike is a commute so to have fat types again on the off-road was a comfort.

(I have to give a shout out to the great company we hired the moustache bikes , great service – www.chargeabout.co.nz )

Hence the reason for thinking of getting another one for off road use the possibility of endless cycle trails in and around New Zealand , with a damaged knee ,the e-bike means I still get to enjoy cycling and in more comfort with a dedicated mountain bike. Yes I do think I am cycling even with assistance it helps me go for longer and enjoy parts of the country I would not have gotten to see

So to Colleagues and Friends who don’t think I am cycling – Tough I am doing it my way!

I think E-Bikes are good for Recreational Cycling and Ways of Getting around our increasingly  crowed cities.



Some of the great cycle trails in New Zealand. 


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